QuantBet LLP – Web Scraper Role - Leeds

Company: QuantBet LPP
Location: Leeds city centre
Salary: £25-40k; negotiable

We are a mathematical and computing consultancy providing bespoke advise
and software to our core client base – betting syndicates. We are
looking for the sharpest web scraping candidates who get things done.

One of the key aspects of our business is scraping data available on the
internet. This can range from the relatively simple – for example
obtaining information about historic sporting events – to more
challenging tasks such as interacting with sophisticated websites that
are specifically designed to thwart scrapers. Candidates will be
required to write parsers for data analysis and structured data feeds,
which in some cases, will need to remain off-radar.

We are not just looking for traditional candidates; we are very hacker
friendly and seek individuals who prefer to use powerful, expressive
languages and tools to do challenging tasks parsimoniously. Candidates
should thrive on problem solving - and more importantly - beating the

Candidates should have a broad understanding of computer science, and
possess some of the following skills: Python, Perl, C, Shell scripting,
Regex, Unix, Internet protocols (HTTP etc), Distributing Web Requests,
Image Processing, Captcha Breaking, Data Mining, Web Spidering, HTML
templating (and how to exploit their structure). Strong OOP and/or FP
are also desired.