QtJambi connection from JRuby

I’ve been playing around with QtJambi and JRuby and so far have really
enjoyed it. However, I’m hitting a roadblock in that JRuby doesn’t seem
to find the signals on the class. I’ve tried offering a bounty on
(java - Setting up QtJambi connections from JRuby - Stack Overflow)
and posted a question to the jruby project’s mailing list, but that
seems to be relatively low traffic compared to this list I just found.

Anyway, I’m wondering if there is a way to somehow make a Qt connection
from inside JRuby, because the signals aren’t listed when I print out a
QtWidget’s methods in JRuby. I guess for some reason JRuby’s reflection
is passing over them.

I found the following post from a few years back where someone had a
similar problem in jython, but I’m not sure if it is infact the same
thing, and if it was, how well it would port to jruby.


Can someone give me some insight into this?