QtGui digital modulation application

I wanted to let everyone know of some of the new features I’ve been
adding to GNU Radio over the past few weeks. We’ve been working on
making the QtGui system more usable and accessible for people to work
with. You can now mix PyQt4 and the GNU Radio QtGui work together to
build applications.

I have created a few example applications in gr-qtgui/src/python. There
are two that are similar to usrp_fft.py and usrp2_fft.py where you can
tab through the different views such as the PSD, waterfall, and oscope.

The other one is a application to allow you to examine the digital
modulators. Using the constellation view tab, you can see what happens
to the signal through the carrier recovery and timing loop. You can then
play with the noise, timing, and frequency offset of the channel model
as well as some of the gain values of the receiver. If you are working
with the digital modulators, this can help you understand what values to
use and how they affect the system.


I am able to successfully run several of the the example applications in
gr-qtgui/src/python and I like the appearance of the GUIs. However, I
get the following error message when I try to run the qt_digital.py

Error: could not find qt_digital_window.py:
“pyuic4 qt_digital_window.ui -o qt_digital_window.py”

I cannot see the file “qt_digital_window.py” in the gr-qtgui/src/python
directory. What is the source for this file?