QT object sizing

I have a flowgraph that includes a couple of sliders and a frequency
display below.

On a fairly low-res screen (1280x1024), I’m seeing that the flowchart
GUI is fitting itself to the size of the screen, but the individual
components don’t all fit without a vertical scroll bar.

I’d like to eliminate that so the whole window fits onto the screen
without vertical scrolling. I thought I had too many elements, so I
tried removing some controls. But all that seems to happen is that the
FFT just makes itself bigger, so the vertical scrollbar is still needed.

Is there a way to constrain the size of the FFT, or in some other way
control the GUI so that the elements fit without scrolling?


Hi John,

are you aware of the GUI hint field with which you can configure a grid
in which you can place the GUI elements, and specify how many rows and
columns the individual elements span [1]?

Best regards,


Hi Marcus –

I was generally aware of that, but didn’t have much luck getting it to
reduce the size of the FFT. I will look at the example below.



Thanks for that info, Richard.

There is currently no built in way to control sizing the way you want.
You might be able to do it if you’re comfortable with qt programming,
but I’m not sure about that.

This is on the developers radar, I know because I’ve had discussions
about it with them in the past. They need more Gui programming help

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