QED v2.8.0 released

QED 2.8.0 has been released.

QED (Quality Ensured Demonstrations) is a TDD/BDD framework utilizing
Literate Programming techniques.

IMPORTANT: READ THIS RELEASE NOTICE! This release makes a minor change,
but it is one that will effect all end-users. That is, QED no longer
depends on AE as its one and only assertion framework. Instead any
compliant framework can be used. Certainly most users will be happy to
continue using AE, in which case simply add require 'ae' to your
applique (e.g. in ‘spec/applique/ae.rb’) or add -r ae to the qed
command line invocation to ensure demos continue running as before. In
place of AE the BRASS gem now provides basic assertion support. Any
assertion framework that complies with the simple BRASS standards will
work with QED.


  • No longer depend only on AE for assertion framework.
  • Rename $assertion_counts to $ASSERTION_COUNTS.
  • Complies with assertion standards set by BRASS project.