Qa_rational_resampler Test is non-deterministic

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On Fri, Feb 15, 2013 at 3:01 PM, Tommy T. II [email protected]

Start 73: qa_rational_resampler

Errors while running CTest
Total Test time (real) = 1.35 sec
Test project /src/old_gnuradio/gnuradio/build
1/2 Test #73: qa_rational_resampler … Passed 0.85 sec
2/2 Test #99: qa_rational_resampler …***Failed 0.61 sec
Errors while running CTest

      Tommy James Tracy II
      PhD Student

High Performance Low Power Lab
University of Virginia

A) it’s odd that the rational_resampler in gnuradio-core is working
a problem.
b) it’s very disturbing that it’s a seg fault.

I think looking at the changes between the two will probably help us
understand where the problem is coming from. Will check into this…