Q about ScopeSink2

I’m finishing up my changes to gr-wxgui in my branch ‘wxgui’,
inserting a few changes I figured out from my demos from last week.
One particular one I’m wondering about is the following line from (my
new) scopesink2.py:433 :

     self.data_event = window_data_event (
         self, self.format_data, lambda e, w, h: w.Connect (-1,

-1, e, h))

I’ve read about the .Connect method (from wxWidgets, not from
wxPython) [it comes from wx.EvtHandler, which is then inherited into
all wx.Window types], and cannot figure out why to use that instead of
the usual .Bind method. The only thing I can think of is
that .Connect is more general in what it can do … but it’s not being
used that way here (the '-1’s are defaults). Commenting out the
lambda and such - to use .Bind - works just fine. Any ideas /
memories / comments? Thanks! - MLD