Python manual little errors

Hello folks,

i am doing my first steps on gnuradio, and as my first program i added 2
gr.sig_source_c using gr.add_ff.

gr.sig_source_c is a signal generator with gr_complex output, so i used
gr.add_ff because as you can see in [1] has been written that “Add
of complex values”

but with this setup i take an error “ValueError: itemsize mismatch:
sig_source_c(1):0 using 8, add_ff(3):0 using 4”

on the other hand if i change gr.add_ff with gr.add_cc or
with gr.sig_source_f there isn’t any error.

In my opinion i think that python manual at this point is not correct
the view of a new user). If i miss something or i am wrong please let me
know. If i am right , i think that
streams of complex values.” should be changed to
streams of float values” and "
= sum (input_0, input_1, …)" should be changed to "
streams of complex values"



Yes, you’re correct. Thanks for pointing this error in the
documentation out.