Python decoder and framer for ADSB (gr-adsb)


I’ve been playing with decoding ADSB for a while. While dump1090 does
a really great job, the code is - uhm - an acquired taste.

I’ve just released my GNU Radio blocks for a ADSB framer and decoder
(both written in Python) along with an example flowgraph (see: They are not feature complete and
I welcome feedback. I’ve tested it with a HackRF and RTL SDR dongles -
both work fine as they both support the Osmocom source.

The main reason I have done this was to decode a protocol end-to-end
and pull together the required information. I find that the biggest
challenge with almost anything SDR and GNU Radio related is that there
is only bits and pieces of information available but rarely something
that works end-to-end and explains what’s going on. For that reason I
have also described the various stages of this flowgraph in detail


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