Pyjamas - Why is this concept of Desktop + ClientSide App not more exciting?

Hello all,

As a long time apps guy without web experience I am finding working
with js + html + css + some js library + whatever just rather
overwhelming (and ugly). I see the chance to develop a desktop app
without much all this, without a web-server installed and so on to
develop a desktop GUI and then knowing I can switch this over to be a
we-app without much effort to me seems like a very exciting solution.

Pyjamas seems to offer this ability (using Python).

(I developed a Ruby on Tk GUI and then proceeded to isolate all the
business logic into “Proxy Classes” with the same names as the TK
widgets but in a different module. The whole time I was thinking how
it must be possible to set up a Framework to support this same design
but able make the widgets “convertible” from stand-alone to HTML & js
somehow - particularly with a library like Dojo.)

What I really don’t understand is why there doesn’t seem to be much
excitement for such a ‘crossover’ solution.

Comments on this would be appreciated.



P.S. Only somewhat related to this - I found a on-line web-app
builder system called WaveMaker from some of the folks that brought
PowerBuilder in the good ol’ days. This seems like “the future” to
me. There are other folks, I have learned, with similar ideas in the
works for this year.

Because generally they end up looking badly. Desktop apps and web apps
different, and trying to make them the same usually ends up being

That said, there’s an experimental version of Shoes that makes Shoes
into web apps: GitHub - ashbb/orange_shoes: Just a trial to traslate Shoes like app written in Ruby into HTML5 Canvas element written in JavaScript.

It only supports a tiny bit of Shoes right now.