Putting params back into link_to

I’ve read quite a few examples of how to do this, like
http://railsenvy.com/2007/2/18/merging-params and it works fine so long
as I use string variables in my link do you have any clue how to keep a
hash in the link?


My search form has several search options, sort by’s, checkboxes, etc.
Using a get request does something like,
/search?q=foo&option[sort]=price&option[perpage]=10 … etc.

However, if I try to put the params back into a link it get stringified
and ends up: /search?q=foo&options=sortpriceperpage10&page=2

Trying to wrap my head around this one, any clues would be much
appreciated :slight_smile:

AFAIK, this is a serious shortcoming of link_to. You need to add them
manually to the string. Google for some helpers to do this for you.