Pushing to a jrubyfx app

I want to push notifications to a jrubyfx app, so I figured that one way
would be to have Sinatra running backed up by a lightweight embeddable
web server. I’ve been using Trinidad which embeds TomCat but I’m
guessing not too light for a client app. Can you all suggest a tiny web
embeddable web server that works well with Sinatra i.e. in the context
of Jruby ?

Also I like the convenience of using http for messaging but perhaps
there’s an alternative way to push to the client jrubyfx app that is
just as easy to setup and use.



What about Puma or webrick?

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I use mizuno. Works fine for my very simple purpose.
Em 05/10/2013 08:04, “Charles M.” [email protected] escreveu:

I suggest mizuno, which seems slightly better than Trinidad. I use it in
dev and prod now.

If the gem size is too big, stick to webrick.