Pursuit of Beauty

I just had a flick through this presentation: http://

I presume that a lot of this is David having a think about the future
of Rails? I scoured the docs for some of the features demonstrated,
but they certainly don’t all seem to exist just yet.

A big +1 from me for:

The :through option to has_many relationships - habtm still feels a
bit kludgy, especially when dealing with additional attributes on

The form_for and fields_for helpers - this is an area of rails in
which the principle of DRY doesn’t work well at the moment.

The page.replace_html stuff - complex AJAX made easy. I think I read
somewhere that this is already being worked on in edge Rails?


Pete Y.

Thanks for the link. It is indeed very, very interesting and beautiful.
Can’t wait for the future!

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All of those features are already in edge rails.