Pure Ruby GIT repository reader

Friends of decentralized version control,

I’ve written a reader for GIT repositories in pure Ruby. It’s not much
but if you need it you haven’t to write what others have written

Source browser:

My intention was to write a Jabber bot for GIT commit notification. This
hasn’t been finished, but I needed a way to navigate through commits
without fetching the whole repository. I didn’t find a way to do this
with vanilla GIT or Cogito.


  • Access only via HTTP (found git:// too hard to implement)
  • Small HTTP backend for partial retrieval and handling HTTP resources
    like IO
  • Can handle packs and their .idx files
  • GIT::CommitTracer grabs all commits from HEAD until a specific rev to
    determine what’s new

As I said, this is not much. But maybe anyone could need it, and I would
love to help at some ruby-git project.


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