Pull request #39 - Range :cover?, :max, :min and updated rubyspec 'core/range'

Updated rubyspec ‘core/range’ to latest version


  • Range#cover?
  • Range#min
  • Range#max

refactored Range#each and Range#step for share same code for iterate
range values.

Code style should be ok now.

Anyway Range#step with Float argument and integer range, ex

MRI => [1.0, 2.4, 3.8]
ironruby => [1, 2, 3, 4, 5] (coerced to int)

Also (1…2).step(0.4) is not working:

MRI => [1.0, 1.4, 1.8]
ironruby => exception argument can’t be zero

I added a pull request for rubyspec/rubyspec, so next time :smiley:

Also, is ok if a add a Resharper 5.1 a code style sharing file? is
shared per solution (Solution/Ruby.sln) so will be easier to everyone
check (and reformat code) ironruby code style.