Public folder

Ok, so I finished my app and I uploaded it. My remote server doesn’t
have Ruby on it yet, so I haven’t gotten to test it, but I noticed that
linking to it is different than when it’s mounted locally.

locally, to access my app, it was a simple

remotely, ruby doesn’t attempt to initialize until I navigate to my
public folder. That makes sense, since is what is supposed to
accessible. However, my app folder is viewable via directory on apache.
Is there any specific way to install my app so performs the same as it
did locally?

Don’t put your app in a public_html directory or a directory accessible
through Apache.
Put it in a dir above that, then symlink from within apache’s html root
to your /public directory.
Or if it’s a dedicated server, you can just set the webserver root to
But if you have a dedicated server, why use Apache at all? Lighttpd is
so much easier for a rails app.