Ps3 kernel upgrade

Eric et al - Obtained and installed CELL-Linux-CL_20080609-ADDON.iso
with the kernel, bad news is it still does not have the nfs
modules. The good news is with 220MB free memory compiling on the ps3
isn’t too slow - I had two windows compiling different parts and swap
was rarely being used. The bad news is make check still segfaults on
qa_gcell_wrapper. The good news is the offload stuff still basically
works and playing with benchmark_nop really makes sense now. Running
1000uSec of nops per thread, using 1000 threads on one SPU takes just
about a second. Running 2000 threads on 2 SPU takes just about a
second. 6000 threads on 6 SPU takes about a second. Using 500uSec of
nop, 12000 threads on 6 SPU takes about one seconds, etc, etc, etc.

The benchmark_* examples look like a good jumping off place for using
the gcell tools with ones own spu code.