Pry - attach an irb-like session to any object at runtime - 0.6.0 released

pry is an irb-alternative that enables you to open a session on any
object at any point in the running program. It can also be run from the
command line.

Some uses of Pry are in debugging, exploring a codebase, even reading
documentation (using the show-doc and show-method commands (ruby 1.9

Pry supports a bunch of commands that make it easy to navigate around a
code-base, such as: cd, cat, show-method, and in particular the ls
command (see

Pry can also be easily configured to implement custom shells; and it can
be set to read from any object that implements a readline method and
output to any object that implements puts: (e.g Pry.input =“puts ‘self’\exit”), Pry.output = my_output)

For more information, try the gem: gem install pry
And check out the following documentation:

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