Proxy_temp_path is very slow


I’m using proxy_cache with nginx. I have nginx set as proxy cache to get
the file from servers in onother country.

Sometimes I have almost 3000 files in the temp path, and my disk I/O is
very high. Actually I’m using 2 SSD with RAID-0.

May I know is there any other problems? Here’s my config
proxy_cache_path /var/nginx/folder levels=1 keys_zone=one:1000m
inactive=7d max_size=300g;
proxy_temp_path /var/nginx/temp;

On 25 February 2013 14:07, Indo P. [email protected] wrote:

inactive=7d max_size=300g;
proxy_temp_path /var/nginx/temp;

If you believe that number of files causes slow IO, why not try
increasing the number of cache directories via the “levels=”

I have no opinion either way; it would just be one of the things I
would try if attempting to fix this issue for myself.


Jonathan M. // Oxford, London, UK