Proxy_Pass & proxy_set_header problem

I am trying to get a CMS (Liferay), a desktop application (Liferay Sync)
and WebDav to all work behind a Nginx reverse proxy and can’t quite get
all 3 working although they all use the same domain. The following code
works BUT the only problem is that webpages that are returned contain
links to http://10.x.x.205:8080 If I put in a “proxy_set_header Host
$host” then the webpage links are correct and WebDav works but “Liferay
Sync” stops working.

server {
   listen       80;
    location / {

proxy_set_header Host $host;

            proxy_pass http://10.x.x.205:8080;

I think this is a HTTP header issue as I have tried passing all the
headers that I can find with “proxy_pass_header” and but I can’t see why
the LiferaySync app isn’t working.

Can anyone help ?


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