Proxy_pass: invalid number of arguments

Я тоже (слабо) говорю по руски.

I’m on Debian, setting up nginx to serve media and pass the django
requests to apache on port 8080.

I successfully set up apache with django before, but when I introduced
nginx it all fell apart.

So I’m getting this error when I tried to start nginx

Starting nginx: 2009/09/18 13:46:11 10689#0: invalid number of
arguments in “proxy_pass” directive in

Here is the {mydomain}.com file with the error:

   upstream backend {

    server {
              listen 80;
              access_log path to my access log;
              error_log path to my error log;

              location / {
              proxy_pass      http://backend;
              include /etc/nginx/proxy.conf;

              location /media/ {
              root /home/path to my project;

Do you guys have any idea what could be wrong? Should I provide more
files? Should I start over from scratch?

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I have figured it out, thanks.

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