Proxy pass ajax problem

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Jonathan M. // Oxford, London, UK

The problem most likely is that the neo4j server is using it’s own
servername/port for the url creation in the html.

Depending on the situation there are few ways you could fix/work arround

  1. Change the neo4j/application source to use relative paths eg instead
    http://domain:7474/ajax-path just /ajax-path

  2. nginx can override location headers by using proxy_redirect (
    Module ngx_http_proxy_module

  3. If you are unable to change the generated output from the neo4j
    you could try to use the Sub module (
    Module ngx_http_sub_module )
    in the proxy_pass location with something like:

sub_filter http://domain:7474 http://domain:8000;

… and let nginx alter the source on the fly (though this isnt the best
solution from performance aspect / also there are some caveats if the
response from backend is compressed etc).