Prototype.js rev 5077 vs rev 5012


I hope someone can help me. I am a Rails novice that happen to use
Edge (because I have to and I want to help testing Edge).

For days I am trying to find out why Edge rev 5045 works for my app
but not rev 508x and above. Fortunately today with the help from
someone, I finally found the source of my problem.

If I checked out the latest Edge and run rake rails:update, my app
fails to work properly. However, replacing prototype.js with the one
at rev 5012 solve the problem.

What I am doing is just submitting a form_remote. Nothing fancy, just
a simple form submit and I have tested diligently to know that
prototype.js from rev 5012 works but not 5077.

Is there something wrong with my form submission? With prototype.js
from rev 5012, I can see the form submission works because Rails
accepts all the params I send and it’s noted in development.log. Not
so with prototype.js from rev 5077. All the params I send from a
form_remote is not accepted by Rails hence Rails doesn’t note the
params in development.log.

Thanks everybody for the time and help.