Prototype 1.5.1 in rails 1.2.3

I need to use prototype 1.5.1. replacing prototype.js seems to work
fine. should I expect any surprises, or is the interface static enough
to make it safe?


No suprised, unless maybe you are using the helpers? But even then,
the integration is pretty surface level.

Biggest gotcha’s I can think of is in the case when Rails may upgrade,
that you may find yourself wanting to update other JS libraries that
are included (such as scriptaculous) and find that a…

rake rails:update:javascripts

… may cause your new prototype js file to be overwritten.

Also, you may in face also want to do that as well. That is, grab the
latest version of Scriptaculous seeing as you are running the latest
version of prototype :slight_smile: Will solve some bugs with using an new version
of prototype with an old scriptaculous lib.


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