Projects Files Location

Hi there!

I’m a newbie in ruby and this is my question:

I have to put the all the apps files in the same root directory (like

'Cause my projects have a fairly complex structure (they’re not only
apps/websites), so I have a structure that looks like the following:

an so on…

And, for example, I have “http://localhost/project1” pointing to “C:

And I want to put the ruby app INSIDE the project directory, like
‘Project1\ruby’, ‘Project2\ruby’, and so on, rather than ‘ruby
\Project1’, ‘ruby\Project2’, etc.

Is that possible?

PS: My intention is to put Ruby to run under IIS, not Apache. I
already work with ASP, ASP.NET and PHP pages under it, so I really
don’t want to have another web server running.
Nothing against Apache, really. It just is far easier to put PHP to
run under IIS than to put ASP/ASP.NET to run under Apache. =)

Thanks in advance.