Project Status: GSoC 2013

Hello All,

I already sent this email twice over weekend, I am not sure if its
delivered. Apologies if I spam the list/your inbox.

I am Shashank, one of the GSoC students this year. My project proposal
to work on IEEE 802.11 receiver developed by Bastian B. at
of Innsbruck and as well an connector to Wireshark application.

As the time comes for the Developer’s Call as well the Mid Term, I would
obliged to have some help/feedback from the community.

Since I realized that I have been and intend to stick around with the
community for long time, so I thought it would be more useful to put up
info on a blog. You will find all the info
I will try to publish some more detailed posts very soon. Also the code
available here

For short, here is some summary:

Having almost same objectives and as well with some recent developments
from Bastian, I have been trying to collaborate with him to develop the
project, and with his insight its been much easier to work on the stuff.
have been able edit the gr-ieee802-11 in order to bridge the OOT module
developed by Bastian into it.

The modified gr-ieee802-11 module passes out the pdu using parse_mac
as a pair, and the wireshark connector takes that pair, extract
and uses it to create the PCAP headers for Wireshark to use.

All of the reference for my work till now has been Bastian’s

The main milestone I wish to finish up before Mid Term is to testing the
bridge between the Wireshark OOT module and gr-ieee802-11 module and
finishing it. Addition to that either convert the FTW
tx current module or use
it to create a pseudo random ieee 802.11
transmitter. As well after that I would like to move to the other part
proposal such as working on channel encoding, higher modulations, etc.
the gr-ieee802-11 module.

Looking forward to discussing this in more detail.