Project for cultural heritage in Iraq looks for coder in ruby on rails

Hello everyone,

All of you heard about the current destruction in Iraq,
most of you have certainly heard about the museum in Mosul,
and some of you maybe already heard about the ‘‘project Mosul’’.

The project is to use photogrammetry, with available pictures of the
from the museum of Mosul, to make 3D model.
In this way we could save the artefacts and display a virtual museum of
printed, or…we will see.

The website is basicly a managment of pictures and accounts and we are
looking for some developpers to improve it.
To be honest the media coverage was huge and really unexpected!

So have a look :
And if you are interested in cultural heritage, in image processing and
managment, or just a group to improve your skills, you are welcome!

There is a slack project if you want to know

With best regards.

PS: I hope this post will not bother you, but the coding allow a good
managment of the project, which mean as long as its blocks, the project
really slow down. And time is quite important in this case. If we get
contacts from Iraq we can’t really ask ‘‘wait it’s not ready’’.

Hi lacchoi,

I have 3+ years of experience in ruby on rails,html,JavaScript.I am
interested to do the project.Please reach me via
gmail([email protected]) to proceed further.