Project Announcement: Ruby and Rails binary packages for Solaris

Hello Rubyists,

I’m happy to announce a project/release that delivers Ruby/Rubygems
Solaris packages. Also bundled are DTrace support, extensions,
performance fixes for Solaris. We plan to add the Rails ecosystem in
our next release.

So if you’re in need of a installable packages( or code to create
them), please visit:

There are, of course, at least a couple of other ways to get your
pre-built copy on Solaris, and the RubyOpenSolaris project does not
overlap with those.

Feel free to add yourself to the below mailing lists to track /
influence the contents / delivery of these packages @

[email protected] for general discussions / feature
requests etc.,
[email protected] for new release announcements.
[email protected] for development discussions.

Best Regards,