Programming MUD

Hi there!
116 days past after last post about MUD and here it back!

I am programming an absolutely new engine for multi-users game with text
interface. Yet there is no particular plot line, but engine works fine
with moving creatures (NPC’s and players) and fighting. Another feature
is independence from encoding: all output and input is encoded on the
fly to UTF8 usign Iconv from any encoding.
The engine is rather young (about a week) but it is a fun for me to
develop it.

The base of the server is GServer, it works just fine for me. Also all
output can be coloured using ANSI-codes. Ruby threads are used for
events such as creatures moving, fights’ rounds counting, health resting

When it would be something like ready, i want to spend time on
developing the story line and the world itself.

If you are interesed in some technical or plot details or problems I
have or had, please, drop me e-mail any time. My primary address is
[email protected]


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