Profiling GNURadio with gprof


I am trying to profile my code with gprof. I configured and compiled
my modules with the --with-gprof option. Next, I run my test script
which uses these modules and the script returns without any errors (I
use a filesource to deliver the data to my modules). Now I should have
the gmon.out file which I can analyze with gprof, but it isn’t there.
Any ideas what I am doing wrong? Or can someone give me some hints on
how they profile their GNURadio applications?

Thank you,


On Mon, May 15, 2006 at 10:06:14AM -0700, Thomas S. wrote:

Thank you,

Don’t use gprof, use oprofile
oprofile takes advantage of h/w performance counters and doesn’t
require any changes to your application code. You can profile fully
optimized code without any (significant) measurement overhead.

The problem with gprof is most likely that since we’re running within
python, the initialization code doesn’t get called that sets up the
profiling. In any case, oprofile is a vastly superior solution.
Besides CPU ticks, it’s also possible to profile cache misses, etc.
The actual things that you can profile are processor dependent.


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