Professional opinions on development frameworks

Dear Rails web developers,

I’m currently part of a research team at the Free University of
Berlin, looking into the ways in which the major web development
platforms differ. In addition to our work with the Plat_Forms contest,
we’re now looking for actual professional opinions.

If you have practical experience in the development of non-trivial web
applications with two or more web development languages then we would
like you to participate in a short survey. We are keen to have as many
Rails developers as possible complete the survey, especially as we
were unable to field a Rails team for this year’s Plat_Forms contest.
The survey itself runs on your friendly nemesis, Django.

The questionnaire asks you about your experiences and opinions on two
of the web development languages you have used, and should take about
10-15 minutes to complete. To thank you for your participation, you
will be able to provide an email address and we will send you our
final report when we are finished compiling it.

We look forward to your answers and experiences, let me know via email
if you have any questions: [email protected]

Will Hardy
Plat_Forms survey team

PS: if you are a member of digg or Slashdot and would like to support
the survey, here are the relevant articles:
Comparing web development platforms empirically - Slashdot


Will Hardy
Plat_forms survey team