Professional IronRuby book announced by Wrox


It was nice to see this blog here.

Its about an upcoming book on IronRuby called " Professional IronRuby "
by Wrox.

I have been reading blogs by Rob B. on regular basis. He stands as
one of very good assests for Ruby world. He also writes for InfoQ.

Mr. Aaron Junod joins him in writing this book.

I am posting here with Table of Contents ( Subject to change ) of the

* Chapter 1 - Introduction to IronRuby?
* Chapter 2 - Getting Started with IronRuby
* Chapter 3 - Introduction to Ruby
* Chapter 4 - Objects
* Chapter 5 - Conditional statements and flow control
* Chapter 6 - Working with Files and Databases
* Chapter 7 - Reflection and meta programming
* Chapter 8 - Testing in Ruby
* Chapter 9 - The Ruby Universe
* Chapter 10 – Running Ruby on Rails
* Chapter 11 – Creating Ruby on Rails Applications
* Chapter 12 - Working with .NET classes/libraries from IronRuby
* Chapter 13 - Working with WPF from IronRuby
* Chapter 14 - Ruby and ASP.NET
* Chapter 15 - Ruby and Silverlight
* Chapter 16 - Calling IronRuby Code from .NET
* Chapter 17 - Hosting IronRuby and the DLR in your application
* Chapter 18 - A tour of the IronRuby source code, how the magic

* Chapter 19 - Porting Ruby libraries to IronRuby
* Chapter 20 - IronRuby and Mono

It would be nice if you make suggestions/requirements as early as
possible, making this book to be preserved for a longer time.




You missed to mention another book by Ivan Porto C. .

He writes for Manning Publishers and few write-ups by him are expected
anytime on Manning WebSite.

Keep an eye there like me.

Ivan regularly helps us with the questions posted here.

His Book definitely deserves attention.



Its nice to see interesting comments flowing at authors blog.

out of 15 comments, majority seems to be asking for Active Record and
LINQ support with IronRuby.

The Authors are enthusiastic and are open for suggestions.

I suggest you all to place your comments there, helping the book to
shape well.


Thank you and I thank those that have commented on my blog. We are
definitely looking for suggestions, that’s the main reason for the
introductory post.

The comments have been great and we have already made changes to some of
chapters and their content.

-Rob B. (co-author, Professional IronRuby)

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