Production Server that Just Works?

Love Rails…
I’m looking for a Production Quality Server that brings the same ease of
use as Rails does to web development.

I’ve tried TextDrive, and never got it to work. I’m sure there are good
reasons why it didn’t work but they are beyond me. I’ve contacted tech
support there several times, and it seems that there are so many setups
that I’ve never hit upon the right combination. (I take full
responsiblity, it’s not their fault) I’ve set up several Linux servers
and Windows Servers, so I’m not a neophyte. But I need a solution that
doesn’t require me being a Savant either.

I’m waiting for Railsbase aka, but that doesn’t seem
to be happening.

I use Locomotive on the Mac and it’s incredible!!! but I’m afraid this
isn’t a production enviroment.

The production Server doesn’t need to support clustering or fail-over,
just an easy to setup, robust and quick server.

I’m thinking about Ubuntu as the Linux Distribution which appears to be
a stable easy to setup linux, and then installing LiteSpeed webserver,
which appears to be faily simple to install and quick. (The Standard
Version is Free) Any thoughts on this setup?

Also I’m open to any other suggestions. I would love to have a
locomotive type install on a MacMini ($499). Maybe I’m wrong… Is
Locomotive Production Quality? and that’s my answer right there?

Thanks for any thoughts.


Hi John

I have found railsplayground well priced helpfull and they have cpanel
installed and some one click rail installers. I am not really technical
enough on backend to tell you if they are a good production server, but
maybe that would suggest that if I find them useable then they probably
are worth a try?