Process exitstatus code is not 0

Hi, got the following different between jruby1.1.5 and cruby1.8.6 on Mac
10.5.5 :

xli:~$ jruby -J-Djruby.fork.enabled=true -S irb
WARNING: fork is highly unlikely to be safe or stable on the JVM. Have
irb(main):015:0> Process.fork{};Process.waitall
=> [[11452, #<Process::Status: pid=???,exited(5)>]]
irb(main):016:0> $?
=> #<Process::Status: pid=???,exited(5)>
irb(main):017:0> $?.exitstatus
=> 5

Ruby 1.8.6:
xli:~$ irb

=> [[11497, #<Process::Status: pid=11497,exited(0)>]]

=> 0

I couldn’t find bug/issue at,
Is it a bug?


Li Xiao

Xiao Li wrote:

=> 5

I couldn’t find bug/issue at,
Is it a bug?

Appears to be. Feel free to file a bug, though as mentioned in the
warning “fork” is not expected to work correctly (it doesn’t fork all
threads in the JVM so it’s unlikely the new process will function well).

  • Charlie

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