Process a vector of samples while flowgraph is running


A couple of digests ago I read about getting data from a running
flowgraph using probes.
I have a flowgraph that gets samples from an hardware source, filters
and decimates, and then sends samples to graphical sink.
The thing is, I want to be able to grab samples from the running
flowgraph to make some calcs.
I tried to use a probe to grab samples and a xmlrpc server to send them
to another script where I have the algorithms. Everything worked as
When I tried to use the same logic with vectors (stream to vector ->
vector probe) and pass the vector using xmlrpc, in the client side, it
shows this error: xmlrpclib.Fault: <Fault 1: “<type
‘exceptions.TypeError’>:cannot marshal <type ‘complex’> objects”>

I read xmlrpc docs and eventually it doesn’t support tuples or even
complex values (the vector I grab from the flowgraph is a tuple of
complex tuples, I guess).

Is this the correct way to grab a vector of samples from a running
flowgraph to process them using another python script? Would you suggest
anything different?

Regards, great job,

Germano Capela