Probles with will_paginate

I have a view and in the view i want to show the blog with somo
conditions. The problem is when i want to display these blogs, because
they are in an array. So how can i display them with pagination?

The view is the next:

          <% @blogs.each do |blog| -%>
            <li class="clearfix">
              <div class="image"><img src="/images/blogs.jpg?"

title=“Mis Blogs”>

<%= link_to “#{sanitize
textilize(blog.title)}”, conversatio_blog_path(blog), :title =>
“#{sanitize(blog.title)}” %>

<%= I18n.t(‘tog_social.groups.model.created_at’)
%> <%=I18n.l(blog.created_at, :format => :long)%>

<%@order = params[:order] || ‘created_at’
@page = params[:page]
@asc = params[:asc] || ‘desc’
@blogs = [blog].paginate :per_page => 2,
:page => @page,
:order => @order + " " + @asc %>
<%= will_paginate @blogs %>
<% end -%>

On 21 October 2010 10:55, h0bit [email protected] wrote:

          <div class="title"><%= link_to "#{sanitize
        @blogs = [blog].paginate :per_page => 2,

The call to paginate to populate @blogs should be in the controller
not here, something like
@blogs = Blog.paginate :page => params[:page], :per_page => 2
This will put just two blogs into @blogs for you to display in the
view. Look for a tutorial or examples of how to use paginate (I am
sure there will be examples on the paginate website).


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