Problems wth spork?

I’m using jruby 1.6.rc2.
My Gemfile:

group :development, :test do
gem ‘webrat’
gem ‘rspec-rails’
gem ‘autotest’
gem ‘autotest-notification’
gem ‘spork’, ‘~> 0.9.0.rc’

I’ve run spork --bootstrap and edited rspec.helper
Then when I run bundle exec spork I have this error:

Using RSpec
– Starting to fill pool…
Wait until at least one slave is provided before running tests…
** CTRL+BREAK to stop Spork and kill all ruby slave processes **
you must call Spork.using_spork! before starting the server

might help (issue 79 ?)

On 22 February 2011 15:04, Roger P. [email protected] wrote:

might help (issue 79 ?)

Yes thank you.

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