Problems with tutorial

I’m having some trouble with the instructions at the link below:

I had started at the tutorial at
and had gotten as far as creating the cookbook2 exercise and had
gotten to the “Welcome aboard you’re riding ruby rails” screen in
explorer, but then it tells you to :

“Leave your existing command window open with the web server running,
and open a second command window. Enter >use_ruby and then navigate
to the application’s base directory: c:\Instantrails\rails_apps
\cookbook2. It will look like Figure 10, at least in a moment.”

How do I open a second command window?


[Start > Run > cmd] should open another command window.

If you do it through the run… option in the start menu there is a
good chance that the ruby library won’t be accessible. A better way
to do it is to click the “I” icon in the instantrails program. From
the menu click the Rails Applications option followed by the Open
Rails Console command. This will also initiate the prompt to the base
dir of all your application (that is if you are using the rails_apps

Hope that helps.

Thanks. Yes, the regular dos prompt is at c:\ and gets me nowhere. I
tried it from the intantrails program as well but when I type
‘use_ruby’ as instructed in the tutorial, I get the message: "
‘use_ruby’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file." I must not be accessing the right
place as talked about in that tutorial.
When I open a new console window, my prompt points to
and my cookbook program and the new one I was following in the
tutorial cookbook2 are both there as well as the typo-2.6.0 program.
I was able to do the first part of the tutorial which instructed to
rails cookbook2
He states on the tutorial:
"I used c:\Instantrails\rails_apps. (which is where ‘use_ruby.cmd’
leaves us when we restart the development environment). "

But I haven’t succeeded in typing ‘use_ruby.cmd’ without an error
Where is that command??

On 2/4/07, Rae [email protected] wrote:

and my cookbook program and the new one I was following in the
Where is that command??

use_ruby.cmd is in the base Instant Rails directory (wherever you
Instant Rails). All it does is add the ruby\bin subdirectory to your
path in that console window.

If you opened the console window through the Instant Rails menus, then
user_ruby was already executed. You only need to run use_ruby.cmd when
open your own console window through Start>Run or some other means.