Problems with stylesheet_tag_link and print.js and print.css inside HTML SLIM

Hey folks I’m getting an issue and I’m needing huge help, I got a
project recently and this project was made by another guy, the guy is
really good, one of the best rails programmer here in Brazil, but the
problem I`m facing is that I have an html slim, and a
stylesheet_tag_link referencing to print.css, the print.css is inside
the public folder, it finds it, no problem until here. The problem is
when I load this slim page, automatically it triggers the javascript
called print.js, which is responsible to print de screen, it really
does it but the problem is: THE PRINTING IS GETTING NO CSS!
The print is completely white, with no css structure putted inside the
print.css so, i recreated the html, copying the source code from the
browser, manually putted it inside of the folder of the slim, and
guess what, this didn’t find none of the referenced css of the page,
so I don’t know what to do, should I abort using STYLESHEET_TAG_LINK?