Problems with proxy_read_timeout

Hi all
I am developing an Eclipse Rich Ajax application and try to do a
load-balancing using NGINX, I am using a Server-Push mechenism that the
server side will generate additional scripts back to the browser when a
background event is fired on the server. In my observation this requires
a connection to be established while most of the time doing nothing. I
observed that a timeout of 60sec occurs when the Server-Push is
activated and realized this may have something to do with
proxy_read_timeout directive. I changed it to have a longer timeout(1h)
and the application is ok now. My question is that are there any other
work around as what I do might affect other common connections; And one
thing that confuses me is that this happened only when I try load
balance with additional servers, the application is working fine using
the default value for proxy_read_timeout.

Thanks in advance.

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