Problems with in_place_editor_field

Hi guys!
I try to use with in_place_editor_field method, but something is wrond.
After editing data in form, when I press OK it show “Saving…”. Data
itself doesn’t change. My console shows me following: - - [08/Apr/2009:02:20:39 EEST] “POST /admin/set_song_lyrics/6
HTTP/1.1” 422 9800
http://localhost:3000/admin/show_song/6 -> /admin/set_song_lyrics/6

Method set_song_lyrics exists, but it’s not called.

I found out it didn’t work because of protect_from_forgery (protection
from CSRF attaks). So I commented string “protect_from_forgery” in
ApplicationContoller and it works!
But I still don’t how to make it works using protection…

Get the new version here.

On Sun, Apr 12, 2009 at 10:41 PM, Sergey Potapov <

Wow! Cool! It’s working!
Thank you very much!

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