Problems with HTTP POST

Has anyone experienced a problem with their rails app where an HTTP
POST doesn’t contain the raw post data only for certain users? I
can’t seem to figure out how this one is possible and my host
(Textdrive) looked into it and has no idea as well, so I thought it
was worth a shot asking if someone on this list has seen this
behavior as well.

The problem comes up when the user posts the sign in form, rails gets
the post but there are none of the form parameters in the request,
(only the controller and action are in the params hash). There’s not
even with blank values like you’d expect from posting a form with
textfields. Of course I am unable to reproduce this problem locally
or on the server as I don’t know how to post from a page and have the
form data missing from the HTTP POST (other than programatically).
These aren’t hackers trying to mess around as they have emailed
asking what’s going on and it’s now happened to 2 people in 6 months
of the site going live and we’ve had thousands of users.

Clearly something is wrong with either the user agent or on the
server before the rails app. Like I said Textdrive looked into it and
doesn’t see anything wrong on the server which has a setup to route
nearly all traffic via another SSL machine to my lightty instance.
The site works fine for 99.99% of our users and it’s now just these
two users that have experienced this problem. Is it possible for a
user agent to submit a form without submitting the form fields? I
wouldn’t think so.

If anyone has experienced a problem like this or has any suggestions
on how to debug or what some potential problems could be I’d
appreciate any thoughts/ideas as I’m out of them at the moment.