Problems with HelperTestCase

Hi all,

I wanted to test my helpers so I installed ZenTest and now I want to use
HelperTestCase. I created a testcase:

But I get an NameError. Can somebody help me with fixing this? I edited
the test_helper.rb to require test/rails.

This the error I get:

Thanks in advance!

Fixed the error.

I did: class ApplicationHelperTest < Test::Rails::HelperTestCase
instead of: class ApplicationHelperTest < HelperTestCase

But now I have this new error:

It complains about not finding the method logged_in?

I created the login-system with acts_as_authenticated. I also included
the AuthenticatedTestHelper in my ApplicationHelperTest, but it doesn’t

Does anyone know why I get this error?

Thanks again!

Yes! Fixed it:

Had to include:

include ActionController::Helpers
include AuthenticatedSystem
include AuthenticatedTestHelper

On 9/15/07, Leon B. [email protected] wrote:

This the error I get:
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HelperTestCase is a class inside Test::Rails, so you need to either:

include Test::Rails
class ApplicationHelperTest < HelperTestCase


class ApplicationHelperTest < Test::Rails::HelperTestCase

I usually use the second form.

BTW, excellent way to ask a question (hint to others: paste your code!)