Problems with has_many :through and habtm

I have tried this both ways and each time same results, duplicate

Here is the simple test:
t = Trim.find(:first, :conditions => [‘id > 65000000’])
options = Option.find_all_by_trim_id(
puts options.size
v ={:trim_id =>})
v.option_ids = {|o|}

I also tried it just with v.options = options, using option_ids was
just another attempt to make this work

The size of options in this case is 47. options_vehicles which is my
join table will have 94 results exactly 2 of each one option. So if
the option_id = 6 and vehicle_id is 4 i have 6,4 in the join table

I am doing one thing a little odd, but i have no idea what’s causing
this issue. My models look like this:
set_primary_key “option_id”
has_many :options_vehicles
has_many :vehicles, :through => :options_vehicles

I have to use option_id as the primary key and it’s a string. This is
other data i’m importing and I can’t change the way it’s organzied.

has_many :options_vehicles,
has_many :options, :through => :options_vehicles

My join table looks like a habtm table because it was. I have tried
this both ways activerecord continues to put in dupes.

I actually went into the code at
and put prints in there and see it showing the size of the records to
save as 47, but it’s going through here twice.

I have option_id in options marked as the primary key with a unique
index in mysql.

Any help would be appreciated I feel like I’m going crazy…

On Jun 20, 5:18 pm, erik [email protected] wrote:


index in mysql.

Any help would be appreciated I feel like I’m going crazy…

You don’t need to do the Options.find because you already have
t.options. This may also explain the dupes.


I don’t follow you.

I find all the options based on the idea of a trim (a style). Think
about how a honda civic ex might have different options then a honda
civic lx. In the real app you would only select a subset of those
options to assign to your vehicle. Vehicle is kind of like an
instance of a Trim, but it’s different and has it’s own model. So I
am grabbing all the options by trim (options =
Option.find_all_by_trim_id( and then assigning them to a vehicle
(v.options = options or v.options_ids = options_ids).

You are right I could of done t.options instead of
Option.find_all_by_trim_id, but I have tried both. I replaced:
Option.find_all_by_trim_id with options = t.options and I have 47 in
the array of options, but 94 are saved, 2 each exactly.

It works fine if I do:
options.each {|o|
OptionsVehicle.create({‘option_id’ => o.option_id, ‘vehicle_id’ =>})

and explicitly create the join table values.

I have confused rails…I guess.

I’m in Rails 2.2.2 if that matters.

What are the associations for the Trim model, wrt Options and
Vehicles? I’m also assuming that the NewVehicle model is a typo and
it’s supposed to be just in the snippet.

I’m thinking that you need either uniqueness validations or to dedupe
manually in your save/updates, but it’s hard to tell so far.


NewVehicle is STI off of Vehicle.
It doesn’t matter if you use Vehicle or NewVehicle the outcome is the

Trim definition:
class Trim < ActiveRecord::Base


belongs_to :model
has_many :colors
has_many :options

so it has_many options, which is why t.options would of worked along
with find the options by trim id.
class Vehicle < ActiveRecord::Base
def Vehicle:


belongs_to :trim
belongs_to :base_exterior_color, :class_name
=>‘Colors’, :foreign_key => ‘exterior_color_base_id’
has_many :options_vehicles, :foreign_key => :vehicle_id
has_many :options, :through => :options_vehicles

I think you are on the right track. Since a vehicle belongs to a
trim, that trim already has every single option available for that car
attached to it. What I want to do is say only X amount of those
options are actually on this Vehicle though. Vehicle is more of an
instance of a trim. I do need to store the trims though…i can’t
just make them a pure virtual class.

Unique doesn’t work exactly. It’s fine on the read, but i still have
double values in the join table.

It must be something to do with the fact trim has_many options and
vehicles belong to a trim? i would assume this would work as i’m
saving into a join table.