Problems with gem installation on Windows

I am looking for ruby expert for installing ‘libxslt-ruby’ gem on
Windows with Ruby 1.9.2 via Bundler.

The main problem is it is dependent on the following libraries to
function properly:

* libm (math routines: very standard)
* libz (zlib)
* libiconv
* libxml2
* libxslt
* libxml-ruby bindings

Can anybody help me?

On Oct 15, 9:47am, Roman P. [email protected] wrote:

  • libxslt
  • libxml-ruby bindings

Can anybody help me?

Please ask the gem author to provide binaries for MinGW based ruby
(RubyInstaller) – which is hte one I assume you’re using.

Indicate to him to look at projects like sqlite3-ruby, nokogiri and
rake-compiler on GitHub:

rake-compiler provides the building blocks to create binary gems from
Linux or OSX.

Examples of usage generating “fat-binaries” supporting both 1.8 and
1.9 are in sqlite3-ruby and nokogiri build and uses libxml, which may
serve as guidance.

You can also point the developer to RubyInstaller group:

Where other Windows Ruby developers might help him getting things
working to provide these binaries.

I know it doesn’t solve the problem, but is a start.

From: “Roman P.” [email protected]

  • libxslt
  • libxml-ruby bindings

Can anybody help me?

Hello Roman,

if you are using cygwin you can probably find those libraries in the
I was able to install rails by installing most of the above libraries in
cygwin setup program.

Good luck!