Problems with DB2 driver

I’m trying to get rails working with DB2 V9. I’ve built two DB2 drivers
and cannot get them to work.

I’ve tried to use the ruby-db2-0.4.4 package to build the driver. When
I use this adapter (db2), Rails queries the database and puts the ID
column value (which is of type integer) in single quotes (select * from
TEST where ID = ‘1’), and the database rejects the SQL.

I’ve also tried to use the IBM’s DB2forRails starter package. When I
build and use this adapter (ibm_db2), I get the following error when I
try to access the database:

dependencies.rb:123:in const_missing: unitialized constant CASE_LOWER

I would appreciate any help from someone who has successfully installed
the DB2 driver and maybe experienced these errors and fixed them along
the way.


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