Problems with calling javascript containing dynamic content in partial page

Hi all,

I am trying to call some javascript function defined in partial page
“_results.html.erb”. But it seemed that the js functions in the page
are unrecognizable, and I have no idea why.

In my app, I have an “index” action/view containing an form_remote_tag
sending the ajax request to a “process” action. After some calculation
in the “process” action, it passes a local variable to a result page
and renders it partially. Briefly, the index.html.erb looks like:


<% form_remote_tag :url => ‘process’,
:id => ‘inputs’,
:update => {:success => ‘result_div’, :failure =>
‘document.write(request.responseText)’} do -%>

some input tags here

<%= submit_tag “calculate” %>
<% end -%>

In controller#index, there is nothing. In controller#process, there is
the calculation code which will cost several seconds, after that it is
the render method:

def process

calculation code which will generate a result - @ruby_result -

which is an ruby object
render :partial => ‘results’, :locals => {:ruby_result =>

And in _results.html.erb:

show result

The update of the result_div is totally ok, but when I click on the
“show result”, nothing happened. I tried putting the showResult()
function in the index.html.erb. Then it can be found by the
_results.html.erb. However the problem is that the ruby_result can
only be got after the process. As a result, it’s not accessible in the
index view when it is initially loaded. How should I solve this

I am not sure if I have expressed my question clearly. Any reply or
comment is welcome.