Problems using sqlite3 [newbie]


I’m trying to make an script to transform an excel to sql using the
‘roo’ gem ( After install it, I tried to
install the ‘sqlite3-ruby’ gem, but it seems that it was already
installed. It’s correct? I’ve the jruby1.1.1 and my OS is winXP.

The big problem is when I try to use:

require ‘rubygems’
require ‘roo’
require ‘sqlite3’

#->error [1]
require': no s uch file to load -- sqlite (LoadError) from C:/jruby/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8/rubygems/custom_require.rb:27:inr
from excel2sqlite.rb:3
#->end error [1]

def excel2sql(fichero, num_nudos)
db_nombre = fichero[0…-4]+’.db’
puts db_nombre
db =“file.db”) #-> error

#->error [2]
excel2sqlite.rb:9:in const_missing': uninitialized constant SQLite (NameError) from excel2sqlite.rb:9:inexcel2sql’
from excel2sqlite.rb:52
#->end error [2]

What happens? I need the sqlite bins? The sqlite gem isn’t installed in
the original jruby package?

Andrés Suárez

Well, the error is building the gem:

C:/jruby/bin/jruby.bat.exe extconf.rb install --remote sqlite-ruby
“C:/jruby/bin/jruby.bat.exe” command doesn’t exist.

Why it’s trying to execute “jruby.bat.exe”??

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