Problems switching language after search form resuls

I have a form that allows the user to search for a manufacturer. It
works fine.

Now I am making the site in two languages French and English. I have the
basics of I18ln working as suggested in Agile Web D. book.

However for this particular case there is a problem. If the user chooses
to switch languages after the results come back the information is no
longer being sent as a In the controller I test for this
to make sure the information is coming from the form for security

#takes the information entered on the search products box and returns
a list of possible matches.
def search
@manufacturer_matches =
unless @manufacturer_matches[0]
flash[:search] = t(‘’, :manufacturer
=> params[:manufacturer] )

(find all is a method in the Manufacturers model.)

If i remove the potential hackers can get in and the
parameters from the search box are not passed so the search returns

Any ideas on the best practices to be