Problems starting out with USRP


I am trying to work with GNURADIO and USRP 1, but can’t seem to get it
I have 2 basic daughter boards (T and R). I have installed the modules
and drivers.
Everything seems to be in order but when I try to launch a script that
connects to the USRP
I get the following Run Time Error : Hmmm, unknown usrp rev
The race back is to the _look_for_usrp function in the usrp module

I am using Windows xp and would really like to get started programing
so any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

The USRP module has been used before but on different operating systems

Thank you again.
Confused student
Alberto Soto.

Additional Info:
currently installed python 2.4, numeric 4.2, numarray 1.5.2, wxPython

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